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BIG-UP Kit for ARCADE1UP - Strider

Finally a way for the "Big Boys" to enjoy the great Arcade1UP arcade units. This kit was designed to extend the height of the stock Arcade1UP unit to full arcade height. You will see that once you raise the height of the monitor to a much better viewing angle you will not need to install a larger monitor!. Designed to be easy to build, this kit only requires an included slot tool, philips screwdriver and cordless drill.  No power tools needed.


Current production time is 1 week


Kit contains the following:


Seamless Riser 

  • Sturdy 3/4 Black Melamine Construction and Beautiful Black Laminate Finish. Add your matching vinyl easily to surface for seamless look. 
  • Easy to follow instructions with minimal build time.
  • Optional T-Molding. Choose any color offered by T-Molding.com. Adds to the seamless effect if your cabinet has colored t-molding.
  • Slotted front for Included 15" Front Kick Panel or Extended 32" Kick Panel. 
  • Extended Kick Panel ready for any of our vinyl designs on Arcadegraphix.com, OR upgrade to our modular design with incldued art and plexiglass cover for Extended Kick Panel ($39). 


Extended Monitor Mount, Bezel Art and Bezel Cover

  • Replaces stock mount and raises viewing height of monitor. 
  • Custom Bezel Art of Your Choice. Easily installed and swappable. No adhesive to deal with.
  • New Plexiglass cover. All art behind new Plexi. 


Lighted Marquee Topper

  • Perectly Lit Marquee Art with perfect Light Distribution and Rich Color.
  • LED Backllighting with soldered connections. Uses little power
  • Rocker Switch and DC Splitter to Connecto to A1UP Stock Power Supply
  • Mounts easily to top of cabinet with just 4 screws
  • Sturdy Melamine Frame with Acrylic Lens. 
    Marquee and Bezel Art
    Kickplate Options