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BIG-UP Seamless Riser

This is simply the best made riser out for the Arcade1UP.  We listened to what people requested most and are proud to present the BIGUP Seamless Riser


  • Easy Seamless Construction -  Takes just minutes to put together with nothing more than a philips screwdriver and the included slot tool. No Screws Visible! Makes the cabinet and riser appear as one. Take your Arcade1UP out of that milk crate and raise it up with our new Seamless Riser!
  • 3/4" Black Melamine Side Construction - A beautiful black finish including the front edges. Sturdy and matches any cabinet.
  • Routered Front for Extended Kickplate - Tie your cabinet together with an extended kickplate. We even provide a special tool designed to create the needed slot extension in your cabinet. Add some matching vinyl artwork of your own or choose some from our already made designs. 
  • Firm and Steady Because of the sturdy construction and slide in kickplate and securing clips, your cabinet and riser will become one. No more bricks in the bottom to hold it down!
  • Optional T-Molding - Match your cabinets colored T-Molding. We have every color made by TMOLDING.COM.